A review by bookcub
No Place to Fall by Jaye Robin Brown


I did not enjoy this book. Partly because I picked up this book thinking is was a cute, fluffy book, like a Stephanie Perkins novel. Maybe in a few years, I could reread it and enjoy it more. But yesterday, I wanted a fluffy book to relieve me of stress. This is not that book. This book deals with friendship, family, and a coming of age for Amber, the main character, in a semi depressing way. The problems that Amber faces are very realistic and messy. This book was not all tied up and pretty at the end. It was a very ugly side of life. Not as ugly as it could have been, but with talk of drugs and adutery, it wasn't pretty. I loved C. A. but the rest of the characters didn’t interest me. All very respectable and realistic, yet they felt bland to me. Also, I read this in the dead of night, so that didn’t help. The high school they went to was very real to me. A plus to the setting. It was very vivid.
My final conclusion is this book is simply not my cup of tea. I would give it 2 stars out of 5 and recommend it to people who enjoy Sarah Dessen and John Green.