A review by beorn_101
Black Road: The Holy North by Brian Wood



Ok this was an amazing discovery.

A semi-historical medieval adventure story, that is an amazing blend of sword battles, religious discussion, and great characters.

Magnus the Black seems to be on the surface a basic brute of a barbarian; however, as the story fleshes out his motives and goals become clearer and it quickly becomes apparent he is a nuanced and interesting protagonist, who is also a bad ass.

At the crux of the story is the struggle between the pagans and the aggressively militant Christians, persecuting the pagan natives. Magnus thrust himself into this conflict.

I also found myself enthralled by the illustration style which uses color and landscapes as much as people and faces to evoke emotions and concepts.

There were some flaws, such as a major twist in the middle not fully explained or explored. However, overall I really enjoyed this and will most definitely be reading volume 2