A review by finesilkflower
One Tough Chick, by Leslie Margolis


I generally enjoy these books. They're sixth-grade chick lit, in interesting look into the heteronormative middle school social world I mostly sidestepped. They have a light touch and some funny internal narration, although the dialogue is sometimes stilted and unbelievable (especially Emma, who is becoming more and more The Brain from Arthur.)

This one picks up right where [b:Everybody Bugs Out|9583184|Everybody Bugs Out|Leslie Margolis|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1312075154s/9583184.jpg|14470126] left off, with Annabelle and Oliver going on a date to IHOP. I like series that have enough continuity to show the ups and downs of relationships. While "getting the guy" is obviously a satisfying ending, it's also nice to see what happens after -- even (especially) if it's incredibly awkward and confusing. It's an important lesson that getting a boyfriend doesn't solve your problems; it creates a whole new set.

The main plot had to do with a talent show. Conflict of interest is a mildly interesting moral quandary, but overall it was fairly boring.

I'm not sure if this one is the shortest yet or if the story is just very simple, but it went by fast. The animal themes seem to be outliving their usefulness. Annabelle is called "tough chick" a couple of times, but it's not really a major theme of the story. There are no actual baby chicks.