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System Collapse by Martha Wells

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Entering this book with sky-high expectations, I found elements that truly captivated me. The portrayal of Murderbot, with its inner conflicts and the intricacies of [redacted], was a standout. Witnessing Murderbot's evolving emotions towards both humans and other bots was a highlight, and the dynamic with ART was brilliantly executed, making it one of the series' finest relationships. Additionally, the introduction of new characters and the thematic liberation of bots added depth to the narrative.

However, despite the abundance of action, I struggled to connect with the plot line set on the planet. Surprisingly, despite its bustling events, it failed to engage me, feeling somewhat stagnant. This narrative felt disconnected from advancing the overarching [redacted] plot, leaving me wanting more—especially after the previous installment, 'Fugitive Telemetry,' which felt more like a placeholder in the series.

You will love elements of this book because we still have the essence of the book and Murderbot but level your expectations for the storyline. 
The Unmaking of June Farrow by Adrienne Young

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Did not finish book. Stopped at 14%.
writing was beautiful but the story was boring