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Nimona, by ND Stevenson

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After hearing many great reviews about this graphic novel , I decided to pick it up . It's been so long since I read a graphic novel, I admit that I'm not that kind of person who adore graphic novel as I'm too absorbed in the words and didn't pay much attention to the drawings.

I found the story was just okay , it was not as good as I thought , maybe I expected more . It was interesting to see that Nimona is a shape-shifter. Nimona is a cute and notorious character, just plainly her existence make you happy and laugh so badly . I feel the characters and the plot did not develop to the fullest and the story was round out safely, many things were unexplained. After finishing the book , I decided to reread again to take time enjoy the drawings and they are indeed marvelous.

Overall : 4 stars.
Stars Above: A Lunar Chronicles Collection, by Marissa Meyer

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For me , this book lacks in many ways.

As this book consists of novellas from all the main characters' prospectives, I thought I would get to know more about them . However, only The Queen's Army manage to intrigue me and I'm glad to know more about Wolf as he is the least mentioned throughout the series. For the rest of the novellas, either the author give more info about those trivial scenes that are briefly mentioned in the main series or describe the main scenes with more details (such as the characters' feelings or the description of the surroundings) . After finishing half of the book , I skimmed through the rest and I did not feel that I loss anything from it. The main highlight of the book is of course, the epilogue. I feel that it's really unnecessary.

In conclusion, I think this book should just maintained as e-book copy than to be published.
The Fault in Our Stars, by John Green

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The love story just didn't work for me .
In my opinion , the chemistry between Augustus and Hazel is kinda fake , and I feel the romance kinda forced (?) They are more sort of brother-and-sister relationship for me.

The trip to Amsterdam to find the author that Hazel dying to meet is just so lame and boring . And TA-DAH the author is an old drunkard man with extremely annoying character. I feel John Green should just dispose the author out of the story.

Rating : 2.75
Simon vs. the Homo Sapiens Agenda, by Becky Albertalli

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Every one loved it , the blurb sound cool , decided to give it ago , didn't enjoyed it , found bored at times.

When I just started this book, I absolutely adored it. It's cute , quirky , real. I really loved that Becky Albertali is dare to write about dirty jokes that we speak in real life. Simon is an interesting and unique character . The dialogues are cool. I also listen to the audiobook for the first few chapters and the narrator did it greatly and added colours to it.

However , I stopped the audiobook after around 100 pages in because I had a problems focusing it. I guess I'm just not an audiobook person. It felt dry without narration. The story felt stagnant in the middle. Instead of having Simon-and-Blue moments, it focus too much on Simon's daily life . The jokes between he and his friends are funny , but sometimes I felt repetitive and a little overboard. The family and friendship bond are weak. Throughout the story, Simon felt like living in his own fantasy world and busy figuring out who Blue is. So, why don't the author quickly revealed who Blue is and give us more Simon-and-Blue real life moment?

I didn't felt surprise with the ending, even though I couldn't figure who Blue is. I'm just glad that I'm finally over it.

2.75 stars
Howl's Moving Castle, by Diana Wynne Jones

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I'm so excited to read this book after knowing the Studio Ghibli's film is actually adapted !

However , I'm disappointed.

I always have the same problem with middle-grades books, the characters are always so silly. Throughout the story , Howl is always throwing tantrum and it makes me so mad.

The whole plot is messed up. I just remembering that the characters are always roaming around the world and making silly actions. The story round up rushly and the plot twist felt short.

What I enjoyed from the book is only the writing and world-building. The world is truly whimsical, and reminds me of a child's Dreamland with scarecrow moving around , shooting stars streak through the night. The writing is simple and magical and definitely match with the fantasy atmosphere.

Overall: 2.5 stars