John Fischetti

4 books

fiction comics adventurous dark fast-paced

328 pages | first published 2017

fiction comics adventurous fast-paced

552 pages | first published 2007

The Robin Archives, Vol. 1

Robin Archives #1

Bill Finger with Jim Mooney (Illustrator), Curt Swan (Illustrator), Dick Sprang (Illustrator), Jack Burnley (Illustrator), Charles Paris (Illustrator), John Giunta (Illustrator), John Fischetti (Illustrator), Win Mortimer (Illustrator)

fiction comics adventurous slow-paced

239 pages | first published 2005


Superman #76 (1939-2011)

Superman (1939-2011) #76

Edmond Hamilton with Curt Swan (Contributor), Stan Kaye (Contributor), John Fischetti (Contributor), Mort Weisinger (Contributor), Win Mortimer (Contributor), Whitney Ellsworth (Contributor)

fiction comics

52 pages | first published 1952