Walter Kirn

16 books

nonfiction essays reflective slow-paced

546 pages | first published 2008

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2008

Best American Science & Nature Writing #9

Tim Folger, Jerome Groopman with John Cohen (Contributor), John Colapinto (Contributor), Christopher J. Conselice (Contributor), Gareth Cook (Contributor), C. Josh Donlan (Contributor), Freeman Dyson (Contributor), Steve Featherstone (Contributor), Michael Finkel (Contributor), James Geary (Contributor), Robin Marantz Henig (Contributor), Edward Hoagland (Contributor), Olivia Judson (Contributor), Walter Kirn (Contributor), Andrew Lawler (Contributor), Jon Mooallem (Contributor), Ian Parker (Contributor), Todd Pitock (Contributor), David Quammen (Contributor), Ron Rosenbaum (Contributor), Oliver Sacks (Contributor), Michael Specter (Contributor), Jeffrey Toobin (Contributor), Andreas Von Bubnoff (Contributor), Florence Williams (Contributor)

nonfiction essays nature science challenging informative reflective slow-paced

330 pages | first published 2008

nonfiction crime memoir true crime mysterious fast-paced

255 pages | first published 2014

fiction young adult funny reflective fast-paced

315 pages | first published 1999

nonfiction education memoir challenging reflective fast-paced

224 pages | first published 2008

fiction religion funny reflective slow-paced

271 pages | first published 2005

fiction mystery short stories dark mysterious fast-paced

288 pages | first published 2017

fiction short stories reflective medium-paced

145 pages | first published 1990

fiction short stories reflective medium-paced

356 pages | first published 2005

nonfiction short stories emotional reflective slow-paced

31 pages | first published 2018