Gary McCluskey

24 books

fiction fantasy horror science fiction adventurous challenging reflective slow-paced

170 pages | first published 2012

nonfiction autobiography biography memoir dark emotional medium-paced

266 pages

fiction thriller dark medium-paced

296 pages

fiction fantasy adventurous dark fast-paced

378 pages

The Evil Pond

Papa G with Gary McCluskey (Illustrator)

nonfiction childrens adventurous dark slow-paced

68 pages

fiction fantasy adventurous dark fast-paced

334 pages

fiction contemporary adventurous slow-paced

362 pages | first published 2015

fiction crime thriller dark medium-paced

338 pages

nonfiction crime true crime dark reflective medium-paced

316 pages

fiction science fiction short stories adventurous reflective medium-paced

238 pages | first published 2013