Bathsheba Demuth

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The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2021

Best American Science & Nature Writing #22

Ed Yong, Jaime Green with Zeynep Tufekci (Contributor), Roxanne Khamsi (Contributor), Amanda Mull (Contributor), Helen Ouyang (Contributor), Susan Dominus (Contributor), Heather Hogan (Contributor), Katie Engelhart (Contributor), Julia Craven (Contributor), Brooke Jarvis (Contributor), Susan Orlean (Contributor), Shannon Stirone (Contributor), Katy Kelleher (Contributor), Sabrina Imbler (Contributor), Jennifer Senior (Contributor), Latria Graham (Contributor), Bathsheba Demuth (Contributor), Emily Raboteau (Contributor), Meehan Crist (Contributor), Namwali Serpell (Contributor), Maya L. Kapoor (Contributor), Julia Rosen (Contributor), Nora Caplan-Bricker (Contributor), Rosanna Xia (Contributor), Marina Koren (Contributor), Jiayang Fan (Contributor), Sarah Zhang (Contributor)

nonfiction essays nature science informative reflective medium-paced

388 pages | first published 2021

The Best American Travel Writing 2021

Best American Travel Writing #21

Padma Lakshmi with Leslie Jamison (Contributor), Bill Buford (Contributor), Jon Lee Anderson (Contributor), Ligaya Mishan (Contributor), Meghan Daum (Contributor), Paul Theroux (Contributor), Doug Bock Clark (Contributor), Meg Bernhard (Contributor), Bathsheba Demuth (Contributor), Noah Galuten (Contributor), Kiese Laymon (Contributor), Glynnis MacNicol (Contributor), Sarah Moss (Contributor), Intan Paramaditha (Contributor)

nonfiction essays travel informative medium-paced

256 pages | first published 2021

nonfiction history science challenging informative reflective slow-paced

416 pages | first published 2019