Mario Candelaria

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nonfiction comics adventurous slow-paced

122 pages | first published 2015

nonfiction comics adventurous slow-paced

144 pages

The Color of Always: An LGBTQIA+ Love Anthology

Brent Fisher, Michele Abounader with Elisa Romboli (Contributor), Ariana Maher (Contributor), Julia Paiewonsky (Contributor), Alex Putprush (Contributor), Mario Candelaria (Contributor), Laura Helsby (Contributor), Jão Canola (Contributor), Scott Ewen (Contributor), Lillian Hochwender (Contributor), Gabe Martini (Contributor), Priya Saxena (Contributor), Jenny Fleming (Contributor), Tilly Bridges (Contributor), Susan Bridges (Contributor), Richard Fairgray (Contributor), Tench (Aleksandra Orekhova) (Contributor), Nathan Long (Contributor), Rachel Distler (Contributor), Christa Harader (Contributor), Katie Hicks (Contributor), Kaj E Kunstmann (Contributor), Brittany “Briggsy” Gonzalez (Contributor), Elizabeth Malette (Contributor), Christie Porter (Contributor), Alina Wahab (Contributor), Jazzlyn Stone (Contributor), Liana Kangas (Contributor), Gab Contreras (Contributor), Joamette Gil (Contributor)

fiction comics lgbtqia+

140 pages | first published 2022

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21 pages

70 pages

fiction horror short stories adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

152 pages | first published 2021

142 pages | first published 2018