Rebecca Solnit

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240 pages | first published 2001

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128 pages | first published 2008

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272 pages | first published 2015

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256 pages | first published 2019

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2014

Best American Science & Nature Writing #15

Tim Folger, Deborah Blum with Katherine Bagley (Contributor), Nicholas Carr (Contributor), David Dobbs (Contributor), Pippa Goldschmidt (Contributor), Amy Harmon (Contributor), Robin Marantz Henig (Contributor), Virginia Hughes (Contributor), Ferris Jabr (Contributor), Sarah Stewart Johnson (Contributor), Barbara J. King (Contributor), Barbara Kingsolver (Contributor), Maggie Koerth-Baker (Contributor), Elizabeth Kolbert (Contributor), Joshua Lang (Contributor), Maryn McKenna (Contributor), Seth Mnookin (Contributor), Justin Nobel (Contributor), Fred Pearce (Contributor), Corey S. Powell (Contributor), Roy Scranton (Contributor), Kate Sheppard (Contributor), Bill Sherwonit (Contributor), Rebecca Solnit (Contributor), David Treuer (Contributor), E.O. Wilson (Contributor), Carl Zimmer (Contributor)

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318 pages | first published 2014

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120 pages | first published 2015

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194 pages | first published 1997

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47 pages | first published 1987

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