Richard Canning

12 books

fiction lgbtqia+ short stories emotional reflective medium-paced

288 pages | first published 2009

Crashing Cathedrals: Edmund White by the Book

Tom Cardamone with David McConnell (Contributor), Wayne Hoffman (Contributor), Nicholas F. Radel (Contributor), Jerry Rosco (Contributor), Robert Glèuck (Contributor), Allan Gurganus (Contributor), Brian Alessandro (Contributor), Richard Canning (Contributor), Ian Rafael Titus (Contributor), Leo Racicot (Contributor), Angelo Nikolopoulos (Contributor), Sarah Schulman (Contributor), Charlie Vazquez (Contributor), Michael Carroll (Contributor), Philip F. Clark (Contributor), Lynne Tillman (Contributor), Sheila Kohler (Contributor), William Sterling Walker (Contributor), Colm Tóibín (Contributor), Philip Clark (Contributor), David Bergman (Contributor), Kevin Killian (Contributor), Zachary Lazar (Contributor), Tim Teeman (Contributor), Alden Jones (Contributor), Trebor Healey (Contributor), Kathe Koja (Contributor), Frank Pizzoli (Contributor), Donald Weise (Contributor), Jerome Ellison Murphy (Contributor), Alysia Abbott (Contributor), Rick Whitaker (Contributor)

nonfiction biography classics essays lgbtqia+ literary reflective slow-paced

482 pages | first published 2019

nonfiction biography reflective medium-paced

112 pages | first published 2009

nonfiction lgbtqia+ reference emotional informative reflective slow-paced

342 pages | first published 2009

nonfiction lgbtqia+ reflective medium-paced

352 pages

fiction classics funny reflective slow-paced

431 pages | first published 1915

fiction lgbtqia+ adventurous emotional reflective medium-paced

368 pages | first published 2007

nonfiction lgbtqia+ literary sociology medium-paced

432 pages

nonfiction biography dark mysterious tense fast-paced

86 pages | first published 2007

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