Robert Leuci

9 books

nonfiction short stories true crime dark slow-paced

249 pages | first published 2008

Providence Noir

Akashic Noir

Ann Hood with Marie Myung-Ok Lee (Contributor), Peter Farrelly (Contributor), Elizabeth Strout (Contributor), Taylor M. Polites (Contributor), Robert Leuci (Contributor), Thomas Cobb (Contributor), Hester Kaplan (Contributor), Amity Gaige (Contributor), Pablo Rodriguez (Contributor), LaShonda Katrice Barnett (Contributor), Dawn Raffel (Contributor), John Searles (Contributor), Bruce DeSilva (Contributor), Luanne Rice (Contributor)

fiction mystery short stories dark mysterious slow-paced

288 pages | first published 2015

nonfiction biography true crime informative medium-paced

384 pages | first published 2004


Robert Leuci with Peter Coleman (Narrator)

fiction thriller medium-paced

missing duration info

informative reflective fast-paced

254 pages | first published 1989

fiction mystery

missing duration info

fiction mystery dark mysterious medium-paced

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fiction informative reflective medium-paced

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fiction mystery thriller

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