John Nyberg

22 books

120 pages missing pub info (editions)

fiction graphic novel horror dark mysterious tense slow-paced

192 pages first pub 1989 (editions)

fiction comics adventurous dark medium-paced

192 pages first pub 2005 (editions)

fiction comics adventurous dark slow-paced

The Flash by Mark Waid, Book 6

The Flash by Mark Waid #6

Brian Augustyn, Mark Waid, Ron Marz

440 pages first pub 2019 (editions)

fiction comics adventurous medium-paced

334 pages first pub 1998 (editions)

fiction comics adventurous fast-paced

144 pages first pub 2009 (editions)

fiction comics adventurous dark fast-paced

42 pages first pub 1988 (editions)

adventurous dark mysterious fast-paced

192 pages first pub 1999 (editions)

adventurous reflective medium-paced

missing page info first pub 2000 (editions)

adventurous challenging mysterious medium-paced

57 pages missing pub info (editions)