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The Cult TV Book: From Star Trek to Dexter, New Approaches to TV Outside the Box

Investigating Cult TV

Stacey Abbott with Roberta Pearson (Contributor), Sergio Angelini (Contributor), Miles Booy (Contributor), Rhonda V. Wilcox (Contributor), Jane Espenson (Contributor), Stan Beeler (Contributor), Paul Sutton (Contributor), Matt Hills (Contributor), Jes Battis (Contributor), Lorna Jowett (Contributor), Janet K. Halfyard (Contributor), Lincoln Geraghty (Contributor), Catherine Johnson (Contributor), Simon Brown (Contributor), Tat Wood (Contributor), Denzell Richards (Contributor), Nancy Holder (Contributor), David Simmons (Contributor), Hillary Robson (Contributor), Dick Fiddy (Contributor), Roz Kaveney (Contributor)

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273 pages | first published 2010

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384 pages | first published 2015

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352 pages | first published 2007

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288 pages | first published 2013

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237 pages | first published 2002

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220 pages | first published 2010

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