Giles Goodland

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The Apple Anthology

Yvonne Reddick, George Ttoouli with Jackie Wills (Contributor), Janet Sutherland (Contributor), Andy Brown, Gerry Loose (Contributor), Joel Lane (Contributor), Alec Finlay (Contributor), Deborah Tyler-Bennett (Contributor), Sue Butler (Contributor), Ben Armstrong (Contributor), Sophie Mayer (Contributor), David Hart (Contributor), Rupert Loydell (Contributor), Carol Watts (Contributor), Mark Goodwin (Contributor), Claire Trevien (Contributor), Eleni Philippou (Contributor), Wayne Burrows (Contributor), Adam Crothers (Contributor), Alison Brackenbury (Contributor), Carina Hartmann (Contributor), Giles Goodland (Contributor), Alistair Noon (Contributor), Amy Cutler (Contributor), Chris McCabe (Contributor), Helen Moore (Contributor), David Morley (Contributor)

nonfiction food and drink nature philosophy poetry

112 pages | first published 2013

nonfiction poetry

130 pages

nonfiction poetry medium-paced

112 pages