David Roach

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376 pages | first published 2008

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230 pages

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48 pages | first published 1996

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78 pages | first published 2007

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fiction comics science fiction adventurous medium-paced

304 pages | first published 2012

Judge Dredd: The Restricted Files 03

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files + The Restricted Files+ The Daily Dredds #r3

Dan Abnet, Tony Luke, Steve White, Robbie Morrison, Alan Grant, Simon Furman, John Wagner, Andy Lanning, Peter Milligan, Mark Millar with Cliff Robinson (Illustrator), David Roach (Illustrator), Ron Smith (Illustrator), Paul Marshall (Illustrator), Colin MacNeil (Illustrator), Brett Ewins (Illustrator), Glyn Dillon (Illustrator), Ian Gibson (Illustrator), Shaky Kane (Illustrator), Jo Flatters (Illustrator), Dermot Power (Illustrator), Cam Kennedy (Illustrator), Geoff Senior (Illustrator), Steve Yeowell (Illustrator), Mike Hadley (Illustrator), Lee Sullivan (Illustrator), Kevin Hopgood (Illustrator), Richard Preston (Illustrator), Edmund Kitsune (Illustrator), Simon Hunter (Illustrator), Greg Staples (Illustrator), Paul Grist (Illustrator), Manualb (Illustrator), John Burns (Illustrator), Dean Ormston (Illustrator)

fiction comics science fiction adventurous dark slow-paced

288 pages | first published 2011

nonfiction comics informative medium-paced

272 pages | first published 2017

fiction comics adventurous medium-paced

44 pages | first published 1377