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389 pages | first published 2013

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192 pages | first published 2014

The Best of British Fantasy 2018

Jared Shurin with Liam Hogan (Contributor), Priya Sharma (Contributor), Jenni Fagan (Contributor), Ian McDonald (Contributor), Aliya Whiteley (Contributor), Adam Roberts (Contributor), R.J. Barker (Contributor), Ben Reynolds (Contributor), Paul McQuade (Contributor), Steph Swainston (Contributor), Harkiran Dhindsa (Contributor), Kirsty Logan (Contributor), Matthew Hughes (Contributor), Reggie Oliver (Contributor), Lizzie Hudson (Contributor), Tade Thompson (Contributor), Malcolm Devlin (Contributor), Rhys Hughes (Contributor), James Warner (Contributor), Heather Parry (Contributor), Helen McClory (Contributor), Lisa Fransson (Contributor), Beth Goddard (Contributor), Archie Black (Contributor)

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254 pages | first published 2019

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290 pages | first published 2018

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320 pages | first published 2018

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