Geneve Flynn

12 books

Classic Monsters Unleashed

James Aquilone with Joe R. Lansdale (Contributor), F. Paul Wilson (Contributor), Jonathan Maberry (Contributor), Ramsey Campbell (Contributor), Lisa Morton (Contributor), Owl Goingback (Contributor), Richard Christian Matheson (Contributor), Seanan McGuire (Contributor), Maurice Broaddus (Contributor), Dacre Stoker (Contributor), Linda D. Addison (Contributor), Kim Newman, Colton Worley (Illustrator), Sam Shearon (Illustrator)

fiction horror short stories dark medium-paced

443 pages | first published 2022

fiction horror short stories adventurous dark mysterious medium-paced

228 pages | first published 2020

adventurous dark medium-paced

248 pages


Damnation Games

Alan Baxter with Gemma Amor (Contributor), Joanne Anderton (Contributor), J. Ashley Smith (Contributor), Aaron Dries (Contributor), Gemma Files (Contributor), Geneve Flynn (Contributor), Philip Fracassi (Contributor), Robert Hood (Contributor), Gabino Iglesias (Contributor), Rick Kennett (Contributor), Maria Lewis (Contributor), Chris Mason (Contributor), Lee Murray (Contributor), Cina Pelayo (Contributor), Dan Rabarts (Contributor), John F.D. Taff (Contributor), Kyla Lee Ward (Contributor), Kaaron Warren (Contributor)

fiction crime horror mystery

330 pages | first published 2022

fantasy horror adventurous challenging mysterious medium-paced

193 pages | first published 2016

adventurous mysterious fast-paced

266 pages | first published 1297

adventurous emotional reflective medium-paced

217 pages

fiction horror poetry

144 pages | first published 2021