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The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2018

Best American Science & Nature Writing #19

Sam Kean, Tim Folger with Ross Andersen (Contributor), Jacqueline Detwiler-George (Contributor), Sophie Brickman (Contributor), John Lanchester (Contributor), Siddhartha Mukherjee (Contributor), Kim Todd (Contributor), Douglas Fox (Contributor), J. B. MacKinnon (Contributor), Barack Obama (Contributor), David Roberts (Contributor), Ceridwen Dovey (Contributor), Caitlin Kuehn (Contributor), Paul Kvinta (Contributor), Joshua Rothman (Contributor), Christopher Solomon (Contributor), Kayla Webley Adler (Contributor), Rachel Leven (Contributor), Rebecca Boyle (Contributor), Kenneth Brower (Contributor), Susannah Felts (Contributor), Steven Johnson (Contributor), Elena Passarello (Contributor), Ed Yong (Contributor), Barbara Bradley Hagerty (Contributor), Eva Holland (Contributor), Kathryn Schulz (Contributor)

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