Lauren Ring

9 books

fiction science fiction short stories adventurous medium-paced

390 pages | first published 2020

fiction fantasy science fiction short stories adventurous slow-paced

260 pages | first published 2020

reflective medium-paced

missing page info | first published 2020

Classics…but make it gay

Nova, Mali Ware with FlohGna (Contributor), Marlowe Lune (Contributor), Dresden Douglas (Contributor), Adelle Kincel (Contributor), Rochelle (Contributor), Fiona Marchbank (Contributor), alex perkins (Contributor), Ernanda Souza (Contributor), Helen Mask (Contributor), Mayticks (Contributor), Aadorah (Contributor), Prinsomnia (Contributor), Anna Veltkamp (Contributor), Karlovy Cross (Contributor), Vicky Pandora (Contributor), Jolyne (Contributor), Toby (Contributor), Elisa Romboli (Contributor), Fiammetta De Innocentis (Contributor), Haurelia (Contributor), Gillian Pascasio (Contributor), Plamena Petkova (Contributor), Calicot.ZC (Contributor), Lauren Ring (Contributor), Alexandra Carter (Contributor), Jaws (Contributor), Nova (Contributor), Ren Strapp (Contributor), Weird Undead (Contributor), Mali Ware (Contributor), Alyssa Brönstad (Contributor), Iolanda Zanfardino (Contributor), Greyproxy (Contributor), Payton Francis (Contributor), Ame (Contributor), Sophie Ellen Smith (Contributor), Shews (Contributor), Katelyn McKneely (Contributor), Trefle (Contributor), Kiyami Omotayo (Contributor), Eren (Contributor), Fern (Contributor), Chris Sack (Contributor), Deirdre Beck (Contributor), Bun (Contributor), Asmo Grimae (Contributor), Eshpur (Contributor), Ilona (Contributor), Joanna (Contributor), A. E. Royse (Contributor), Ari Mesi (Contributor), Bond Buwalda (Contributor), Kukki (Contributor), Pien Brouwers (Contributor), LySandra Vuong (Contributor), Ryleigh Thompson (Contributor), Jax Hnat (Contributor), Lesly Oh (Contributor), Jami Tiainen (Contributor), Lin Romanov (Contributor), Yi Jong (Contributor), Kiana Hamm (Contributor)

fiction art classics erotica lgbtqia+

94 pages | first published 2021

fiction essays poetry short stories speculative fiction

65 pages | first published 2021

Lightspeed Magazine Issue 144: May 2022

Lightspeed Magazine #144

John Joseph Adams with Aigner Loren Wilson (Contributor), Peter Watts (Contributor), Tobias S. Buckell (Contributor), Jonathan Maberry (Contributor), T. Kingfisher (Contributor), Grace Chan (Contributor), Andi C. Buchanan (Contributor), Lina Rather (Contributor), Lauren Ring (Contributor)

fiction fantasy science fiction short stories

197 pages | first published 2022

258 pages | first published 2021

203 pages | first published 2020


274 pages | first published 2022