J.D. Evans

6 books

fiction fantasy romance emotional fast-paced

424 pages | first published 2020

fiction fantasy historical adventurous emotional medium-paced

452 pages

Fire & Water: Stories from the Anthropocene

Mary Fifield, Kristin Thiel with Carlos Labbé (Contributor), Joeann Hart (Contributor), Jennifer Morales (Contributor), Shaun Levin (Contributor), Etan Nechin (Contributor), Tomas Baiza (Contributor), J.D. Evans (Contributor), Bishop Garrison (Contributor), Anthony S. James (Contributor), Stefan Kiesbye (Contributor), Jack Kirne (Contributor), Jessica Meeker (Contributor), Jennifer Morales (Contributor), Vivian Faith Prescott (Contributor), Jan Underwood (Contributor), Tara Williams (Contributor)

fiction literary

273 pages | first published 2021

fantasy adventurous emotional slow-paced

420 pages | first published 2020

fantasy romance adventurous tense fast-paced

400 pages | first published 2020

challenging informative inspiring medium-paced

missing page info | first published 1959