Jamie Mason

13 books

Fractured: Tales of the Canadian Post-Apocalypse

Silvia Moreno-Garcia

336 pages first pub 2014 (editions)

fiction science fiction short stories adventurous challenging dark slow-paced

341 pages first pub 2019 (editions)

fiction mystery thriller dark mysterious tense medium-paced

304 pages first pub 2015 (editions)

fiction mystery thriller mysterious tense slow-paced

307 pages first pub 2013 (editions)

fiction crime mystery thriller mysterious fast-paced

137 pages first pub 2015 (editions)

dark emotional medium-paced

450 pages missing pub info (editions)

fiction medium-paced

68 pages missing pub info (editions)

304 pages first pub 2017 (editions)

challenging informative mysterious medium-paced

106 pages first pub 2015 (editions)

adventurous medium-paced

102 pages first pub 2016 (editions)

emotional informative reflective fast-paced