Devorah Allen

8 books

nonfiction history challenging informative medium-paced

608 pages

missing duration info | first published 1922

missing duration info | first published 1655

Crossings: A Fairy Play

Walter de la Mare with Campbell Schelp (Narrator), Larry Wilson (Narrator), Availle (Narrator), Linda Olsen Fitak (Narrator), Anita Sloma-Martinez (Narrator), Scotty Smith (Narrator), Nemo (Narrator), Nichalia Schwartz (Narrator), TriciaG (Narrator), Lynette Caulkins (Narrator), Elsie Selwyn (Narrator), Devorah Allen (Narrator), Thestorygirl (Narrator), ToddHW (Narrator), T.J. Burns (Narrator), Eva Davis (Narrator), EmmaHatton (Narrator), Tomas Peter (Narrator), Carol Pelster (Narrator), Chuck Williamson (Narrator)


missing duration info

politics informative reflective medium-paced

6 pages | first published 1913

The World's Story Volume IV: Greece and Rome

The World's Story #4

Eva March Tappan with Tomas Peter (Narrator), Jim Locke (Narrator), Sandra Schmit (Narrator), Son of the Exiles (Narrator), Angelique G. Campbell (Narrator), Roger Melin (Narrator), Craig Franklin (Narrator), Larry Wilson (Narrator), SaraHale (Narrator), Eva Davis (Narrator), Hypatia (Narrator), Realisticspeakers (Narrator), Ting Cleary (Narrator), Nigel Fisher (Narrator), Devorah Allen (Narrator), Foon (Narrator), Nemo (LibriVox) (Narrator), J.M. Smallheer (Narrator), Sonia (Narrator), alanmapstone (Narrator), Monika M.C. (Narrator), K.T.B. (Narrator), Colleen McMahon (Narrator), T.J. Burns (Narrator), April6090 (Narrator), Availle (Narrator), Ryan Copper (Narrator), eWinters (Narrator), Todd H.W. (Narrator), Thestorygirl (Narrator), Laura Larson (Narrator)

challenging informative reflective medium-paced

missing duration info | first published 1914