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40 pages | first published 2012

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267 pages | first published 2018

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546 pages | first published 2017

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fiction fantasy science fiction adventurous mysterious fast-paced

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456 pages | first published 2007

Farscape Forever!: Sex, Drugs and Killer Muppets

Smart Pop

Glenn Yeffeth with Tee Morris (Contributor), Bill Spangler (Contributor), Roxanne Longstreet Conrad (Contributor), Amy Berner (Contributor), Kevin Andrew Murphy (Contributor), Jean Rabe (Contributor), Michael Marano (Contributor), Martha Wells (Contributor), Jody Lynn Nye (Contributor), Doranna Durgin (Contributor), Josepha Sherman (Contributor), Justina Robson (Contributor), Jim Butcher (Contributor), Kelley Walters (Contributor), Thomas Easton (Contributor), Jeanne Cavelos (Contributor), Charlene Brusso (Contributor), Patricia Bray (Contributor), K. Stoddard Hayes (Contributor), P.N. Elrod (Contributor), Rick Klaw (Contributor)

nonfiction art essays science fiction adventurous slow-paced

218 pages | first published 2005

fiction fantasy science fiction adventurous mysterious fast-paced

280 pages | first published 2016