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Man Behind the Mask

Jonathan Edward Ondrashek, David Owain Hughes, Veronica Smith with Linnea Quigley (Contributor), Audrey Brice (Contributor), Dani Brown (Contributor), Alice J. Black (Contributor), Carly Holmes (Contributor), Jaime Johnesee (Contributor), Lisa Lane (Contributor), Stevie Kopas (Contributor), S.L. Mewse (Contributor), Dawn Cano (Contributor), Debby Dodds (Contributor), Michelle Garza (Contributor), Melissa Lason (Contributor), D.M. Slate (Contributor), Fox Emm (Contributor), Crystal Jeans (Contributor), Suzanne Fox (Contributor), Rose Garnett (Contributor), Charlotte Ros (Contributor), Christine Elise McCarthy (Contributor), C.A. Viruet (Contributor), A. Giacomi (Contributor), Kasey Dawn Hill (Contributor), Briana Robertson (Contributor), Delphine Quinn (Contributor), Kindra Sowder (Contributor), K.M. Cox (Contributor), Rachel Nussbaum (Contributor), Tamara Fey Turner (Contributor), Florence A. Marlowe (Contributor)

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390 pages | first published 2016

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