Daniel Roth

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464 pages | first published 2011

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2006

Best American Science & Nature Writing #7

Brian Greene, Tim Folger with Natalie Angier (Contributor), Drake Bennett (Contributor), Larry Cahill (Contributor), Michael Chorost (Contributor), Daniel C. Dennett (Contributor), Frans B. M. de Waal (Contributor), David Dobbs (Contributor), Mark Dowie (Contributor), John Hockenberry (Contributor), John Horgan (Contributor), Gordon Kane (Contributor), Kevin Krajick (Contributor), Robert Kunzig (Contributor), Juan Maldacena (Contributor), Charles C. Mann (Contributor), Chris Mooney (Contributor), Dennis Overbye (Contributor), Paul Raffaele (Contributor), Daniel Roth (Contributor), Jessica Snyder Sachs (Contributor), Oliver Sacks (Contributor), David Samuels (Contributor), Josh Schollmeyer (Contributor), Moncef Zouali (Contributor)

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290 pages | first published 2006

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missing page info | first published 2011

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13 pages | first published 2012

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326 pages | first published 2017

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