Richard Ford

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192 pages | first published 2017

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420 pages | first published 2012

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515 pages

Granta 12: The True Adventures of The Rolling Stones

Bill Buford with Peter Davis (Contributor), James Walcott, Stanley Booth (Contributor), Günter Grass (Contributor), Richard Ford (Contributor), Jayne Anne Phillips (Contributor), Gabriel García Márquez (Contributor), Carolyn Osborn (Contributor), Raymond Carver (Contributor), Breyten Breytenbach (Contributor), David Caute (Contributor), James Wolcott (Contributor)

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256 pages | first published 1984

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322 pages | first published 2014

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240 pages | first published 2014

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304 pages | first published 2001

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320 pages | first published 1986

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235 pages

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672 pages | first published 1999