Mother's Boys by Daniel I. Russell, Blood Bound Books

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The violence didn't brother me and overall I found it a solid horror flick...just like the one you watch a sunday afternoon because you are bored.

However, the interesting premise kind of fell flat in the execution. The suspense was there but the action was very uneven to the point where I did skim a little since I didn't care that much for characters.

The action-reaction felt out of place even with the belief suspended. I think the story would have worked better over a long er period of time. As it was I felt a bit trapped between a psyhcological horror and a splatter film without the book shining in either genre.

I was entertained though

blatdriver's review

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This was my first extreme horror book, and the first death was extreme, and I almost didn't keep reading, but I'm glad that I stuck with it.

I really enjoyed it. I liked the little details that the characters had, it gave them a big more depth.

As this is my first extreme horror, i don't know where on the scale of extreme this book fits, but apart from the first bit, I didn't find the rest if the book extreme.
I will be checking out more of the authors books

charshorrorcorner's review

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3.5 stars!
When I saw this book come up for review on Horror After Dark, I claimed it for my own. See, back in 2012 I read this short story titled "Fluffs" and I loved it. I immediately purchased another book by this author,"Samhane", but as so often happens these days, I haven't had time yet to read it. I was excited to sit down with this one.

This was a nasty tale...not nasty like porno nasty, but nasty like EWWWW nasty. It was not completely original, but there were some surprising turns, and that definitely had an effect on my rating.

Most horror lovers have encountered tales of mutant, scary, underground dwellers before and I dare say most of us have read plenty about psychopathic rapists and killers as well. The difference in this book is the reader is rooting for one of these groups. Which group? You will need to read this to find out.

Mr. Russell creates some interesting characters and a couple of cliche ones. A few of the underground scenes were not believable to my mind, however, the creativity of the author's imagination mostly made up for that. (Yeah, you will remember that baby pram for a long time!) The quality of the prose was okay and the pacing of this tale was rather quick. I wouldn't have minded a little more originality, but I did end up enjoying this book as a whole.
Recommended for fans of underground mutant horror!

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