Joy Williams

50 books

The Best American Science and Nature Writing 2002

Best American Science & Nature Writing #3

Tim Folger, Natalie Angier with Roy Baumeister (Contributor), Burkhard Bilger (Contributor), K.C. Cole (Contributor), Richard Conniff (Contributor), Harry Marshall (Contributor), Frederick C. Crews (Contributor), Barbara Ehrenreich (Contributor), H. Bruce Franklin (Contributor), Malcolm Gladwell (Contributor), Gary Greenberg (Contributor), Gordon Grice (Contributor), Blaine Harden (Contributor), Robert M. Hazen (Contributor), Sarah Blaffer Hrdy (Contributor), Garret Keizer (Contributor), Verlyn Klinkenborg (Contributor), Robert Kunzig (Contributor), Anne Matthews (Contributor), Steve Mirsky (Contributor), Judith Newman (Contributor), Dennis Overbye (Contributor), Chet Raymo (Contributor), Eric Schlosser (Contributor), Daniel Smith (Contributor), Peter Stark (Contributor), Clive Thompson (Contributor), Joy Williams (Contributor), Karen Wright (Contributor)

nonfiction essays nature science informative reflective medium-paced

309 pages | first published 2002

fiction contemporary mystery romance emotional reflective slow-paced

288 pages | first published 1988

fiction fantasy literary magical realism reflective slow-paced

201 pages | first published 1978

fiction short stories young adult reflective slow-paced

122 pages | first published 2010

fiction short stories reflective slow-paced

168 pages | first published 1990

fiction fantasy short stories adventurous reflective slow-paced

256 pages | first published 2011

nonfiction history travel emotional informative slow-paced

306 pages | first published 1987

Granta 55: Children: Blind Bitter Happiness

Ian Jack with Adam Mars-Jones (Contributor), Jayne Anne Phillips (Contributor), David Mamet (Contributor), Blake Morrison (Contributor), Brian Hall (Contributor), Leila Berg (Contributor), Todd McEwen (Contributor), Judith Joy Ross (Contributor), Liz Jobey (Contributor), Tony Gould (Contributor), Susan Swan (Contributor), Allan Gurganus (Contributor), Joy Williams (Contributor), Karen E. Bender (Contributor), Abraham Brumberg (Contributor)

art essays literary short stories emotional reflective medium-paced

254 pages | first published 1996

fiction short stories emotional reflective slow-paced

712 pages | first published 1993

fiction literary science fiction challenging mysterious reflective medium-paced

224 pages | first published 2021