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208 pages | first published 2018

The Best American Travel Writing 2021

Best American Travel Writing #21

Padma Lakshmi with Leslie Jamison (Contributor), Bill Buford (Contributor), Jon Lee Anderson (Contributor), Ligaya Mishan (Contributor), Meghan Daum (Contributor), Paul Theroux (Contributor), Doug Bock Clark (Contributor), Meg Bernhard (Contributor), Bathsheba Demuth (Contributor), Noah Galuten (Contributor), Kiese Laymon (Contributor), Glynnis MacNicol (Contributor), Sarah Moss (Contributor), Intan Paramaditha (Contributor)

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256 pages | first published 2021

nonfiction poetry challenging informative reflective medium-paced

62 pages | first published 2020

fiction fantasy feminism travel adventurous mysterious medium-paced

448 pages | first published 2017

nonfiction challenging reflective medium-paced

268 pages | first published 2015

nonfiction informative inspiring reflective medium-paced

39 pages | first published 2021

fiction short stories challenging mysterious reflective fast-paced

154 pages | first published 2015