Turnabout by Laurel Greer

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I just read another review that said this book was 1000 pages long. And while I listened to it in a day... I was really bored. Like nothing happened. I didn't care what happened. It just kinda was. If it hadn't have been in the fictional world with references and things to other stories I think I would have been down a star tbh. I hate saying this bc it wasn't like I was angry at the characters, I just was a bit apathetic.

An extra star for the reference to Worm loves Worm. I have an LGBTQIA+ / general acceptance of people being who they are and expressing themselves how they want to be and diversity and like all the good things kids book obsession. I actually was just gifted this so it gave an extra smile.

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TW: Toxic parents
Spoiler(Carter's dad, Auden's mum)

I didn't expect to dislike this, as much as I did. But it was too long, and too repetitive, and just when I said "There is the epilogue! We'll see at least an HFN!" but alas, there was another one of those hurdles the couple supposedly already had jumped through.

Also, this might be a little bit spoilery so don't continue to read if you want don't want to get spoiled.


I don't get the sudden change of ideas of Carter's dad. He refused to see the point of Carter's ideas for all his life, and after a couple of weeks he decides that he'll do what Carter says and determines that he was actually jealous of his business savy for all those years. WTH? And even after all that he still puts Carter in difficult situations, and Carter gets along with him. Again, WTH? I know that it is hard to put boundaries, especially with your parents, but this really made me uncomfortable. And seeing that this author doesn't really write queer romance I don't think I'll read another one of her books.

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emotional hopeful lighthearted medium-paced


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My first book by this author and I loved it. I need to learn more about those printing presses!

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Second chance romance is definitely not my favourite trope and sadly my rating reflects that. It was well written and I’m sure many other people would enjoy it more than I. 

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2nd chance; return to hometown; forced proximity.
This narrator dies a bang up Scottish accent.

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While this is part of the Vino and Veritas series, it can definitely be read as a standalone. There are a couple of characters in this book from previous books, but they don’t impact the story much and you don’t need to know them to enjoy this book.

I enjoyed most of this book but there were a couple of things that bothered me which is why this is only three stars. I’m going to start with what I liked and follow with what I didn’t.

I love second chance romances and these guys deserved a second chance more than anyone. They clearly are meant to be even though it’s tough for them to get past themselves and the outside influences attempting to keep them apart. These guys are so good together and clearly love each other which makes it a bit easier to overlook the stuff that bothered me.

The setting is great – upscale, custom stationery created using 100-year-old equipment is something I’ve never read. And Carter and Auden are very good at what they do.
Carter’s aunts are fantastic!

Now for what I didn’t care for. The biggest problems for me were Carter’s dad and Auden’s mom. Carter’s dad was, quite honestly, awful. And even when he turned a corner near the end of the book, he was still being a self-absorbed pig by making an announcement that was not his to make. Auden’s mom was not much better by scarring Auden with her life experiences. My third issue with the book was most likely due to these first two and that was how long Carter and Auden didn’t communicate fully, didn’t admit to their feelings, and just plain screwed up their own lives because of their parents.

My issues with this book didn’t turn me off the series so I’m heading into the next book now!

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Turnabout is a complete standalone, there’s no need to read any other book to love it, and it’s part of the True North series set in Sarina Bowen’s World of True North. And it is a beautiful book. Really worth reading if you ask me. It’s certainly an outstanding addition to the series.

Turnabout is a second chance romance with opposites attract and grumpy vs. sunshine, and it includes an unexpected snowstorm with only one bed and lots of laughter and beautiful stationary. I was especially captivated with the letterpress setting and in learning how the artisanal stationary magic works.

Carter Prescott and Auden Macarthur were happy once. When they were young and foolish and in love. But that was a long time ago.

Now they have regrets and hurt feelings, but their chemistry is still combustible. And the sparks they create are turning sharing a workplace into a fire hazard.

But when feelings get involved, they will have to decide if there’s still something between them worth fighting for, or if the love they once shared is destined to turn into ashes.

Turnabout is a wonderful story. What I loved the most is that it’s beautifully written. The writing is as lovely as the stationary Auden makes. It’s a joy to read. I also loved the characters. They are very well rounded and feel like real people with eeal feelings and real lives, and their journey is very well developed.

You have Auden, the Vermonty Scot with trust issues and a deeply rooted fear of change. He’s closed-off, stubborn and adorable. And then there’s Carter, the successful Suit who left home behind mostly because he felt like he didn’t belong. And pride. Their relationship was the casualty of too many words left unsaid and unshared feelings. But their love survived. They have both some growing up to do but they will definitely steal your heart from the beginning.

I loved Carter’s family, especially his Aunt Bee. She’s a meddler and definitely made it count. You get to see a couple of characters from other books in Vino and Veritas, both the bookstore and the wine bar, and that’s also really fun.

Turnabout is an emotional story filled with fun and heat and feels, that will leave you smiling and that you won’t be able to put down. I loved it and I highly recommend it.

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I don‘t think there‘s anything wrong with this book. It just can‘t hold my attention.

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hopeful medium-paced