No Place to Fall by Jaye Robin Brown

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*3.75 stars* This was an interesting read... I liked the whole concept of loyalty in this book. At times I'd think 'oh this is ridiculous!' And I don't know whether or not it was in a good way or a bad way. Still, a good read.

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Amber Vaughn is the “good girl,” though not really. The summer before her senior year, she spends time with her gbf(gay best friend), Devon, hooking up and getting high with hikers on the Applachain Trail. Her one hope is to become a famous singer. Actually, she is great at singing and it is the only time when she can forget about the crap going on in her life. Her sister and brother-in-law are terrible parents and drug dealers. Her father is a dirty rotten cheater, and her mother denies and avoids it through her obsession with church.

Amber just wants out of her small town and away from her family problems. She knows that her mother will never allow her to go to school to work on her music career. However, this dream is something she just can’t let go. Will, Devon’s older brother, offers to help her prepare for an audition to a music school. She is irresistibly attracted to him, even though he has a girlfriend (yada, yada, yada).

Amber is caught doing something she shouldn’t by her skivvy brother-in-law and is blackmailed into doing things she wouldn’t normally do. It’s possible that her brother-in-law may just ruin everything for her.

If you are looking for a standard piece of fluff, look no further. Characters do stupid things, actions are misunderstood, and there is a romance element.

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Read this very quickly. I really liked it.

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Any book that mentions The Avett Brothers will be a pleasant read for me. Though its not the mind blowing read that I was expecting, No Other Place to Fall was still an enjoyable read.

I have a love hate relationship with Amber Plain and Small. I love how passionate she is when it comes to singing and how she fought for her dream but small things gets in the way when it comes to me completely adoring her as a main character. First is, she can be a harlot sometimes and stupid. She is so boy crazy that sometimes I think she forgets that she have a lot of brain cells..and she can actually USE IT.

I take it back. Those are not small things.

But, the real problem that I have with this book though, is the love interest. What a manipulative jerk and... and... and... okay I'm running out of insults but he is a douche. I don't like anything about him and I still can't comprehend why he's considered as swoony by our main character. He did a very jerky move at the first part  and my dislike for him just intensified through out the book.

News flash: just because you know how to play a guitar, doesn't mean girls will worship you. Practice how NOT TO BE A FRODO DOUCHEBAGGINS FIRST.

The plot is not really unheard of because honestly, I've read this concept before. Small town girl with incredible talent fights for her dream. Etc etc.. I love how the things ended and how it got there. I still don't understand why I gave this book a 3 since its nothing special but now that I'm writing this review, I just has this realization. No Place to fall is very charming and dreamlike. Maybe its because of the authors writing.. or the setting of the book.. or the poor-girl-got-her-dream concept, but I did really enjoy this book. Though I'm not gaga over it, I still recommend this for readers looking for a mild and slow read...

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I did not enjoy this book. Partly because I picked up this book thinking is was a cute, fluffy book, like a Stephanie Perkins novel. Maybe in a few years, I could reread it and enjoy it more. But yesterday, I wanted a fluffy book to relieve me of stress. This is not that book. This book deals with friendship, family, and a coming of age for Amber, the main character, in a semi depressing way. The problems that Amber faces are very realistic and messy. This book was not all tied up and pretty at the end. It was a very ugly side of life. Not as ugly as it could have been, but with talk of drugs and adutery, it wasn't pretty. I loved C. A. but the rest of the characters didn’t interest me. All very respectable and realistic, yet they felt bland to me. Also, I read this in the dead of night, so that didn’t help. The high school they went to was very real to me. A plus to the setting. It was very vivid.
My final conclusion is this book is simply not my cup of tea. I would give it 2 stars out of 5 and recommend it to people who enjoy Sarah Dessen and John Green.

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I thought I would love this book, but it was pretty boring and I only finished it to complete my reading challenge.

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You can view this on Poison For The Senses

Heres the thing about reputations. They have the power to make life uneasy for you. But you can also let them not affect you as well.

Amber is from the south, and every stereotype you can throw at her has been used towards her. Her sister is married to a guy that sells drugs, her father is cheating on her mother, and everyone thinks Amber will fall down that same path. But Amber loves to sing and it might be her one chance to take her places. An audition finally comes her way to take her to a school of performing arts where she can pursue music full time. Her best friend’s brother, Will, helps her out but they may be falling for each other. And then something happens in her family that might just change the future and her family.

What I loved about this book was the fact that Amber was not ashamed of where she was from and who her family is. She loves her family, even if her sister makes some bad choices and her father isn’t faithful. What I found a bit strange though, was when a someone moves to their small town and makes small town jokes and basically insults every female living there, Amber didn’t really argue that much with him about it. I figure this is because she's so used to it, that she just tends to brush it off. But when this same person goes and starts spreading rumors about her and her reputation, she does nothing to stop him either. I figured she would have been hurt. I think I would have liked to see her deal with this problem other than brushing it off, at least acknowledge that it hurt. Maybe the author was trying to get the point across that rumors don’t really matter? I’m not sure.

This book has a great connection to music. Amber knows its her passion and she really shows it. I love that its the reason why her and Will become so close, because he loves music just as well. Amber made a bad choice with the right intentions, and it kind of screwed some things up for her. I loved that she was able to deal with it. She was okay with the consequences. But what I loved the most was her mother’s transformation. Her mother isn’t perfect and she's being cheated on by her husband. I loved that in the end she became a stronger person. She started doing things for herself. I loved the mother more than I love Amber I think.

This wasn’t my favorite contemporary book, but it was a great journey. If you love music, singing, or a great realistic story, this is the book for you.

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For some reason the ending was kinda perfect

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Between singing in church, babysitting her nephew, and a standing date with her best friend Devon every Friday night, there's not much time for good girl Amber Vaughn to get into trouble. Amber and Devon find themselves disappearing into the woods during the summer, meeting hikers along the Appalachian trail, singing with them over a campfire, hearing their stories. It's their secret and Amber feels more like the person she wants to be when she's in that old barn where hikers crash for the night. When Amber hears about an audition at the North Carolina School for the Arts, her dream of singing to bigger audiences could become a reality. Devon's older brother, and unavailable, Will helps Amber prepare for the audition but the more time they spend together, the more complicated their relationship becomes. Then Amber's family's life is turned upside down and she has to choose between her family and her dreams.

This book sucked me in right from the beginning. It was about a small town girl and big dreams, about seeing other people's mistakes and making her own, about discovering who she was as a person, about falling in love, about friendships, about family, about music.

Amber was a character I really liked right away. She felt real. Small town girl, big dreams, family girl, with a secret part of her life that only her best friend knew. She cared about her family and her friends, she never wanted to see them hurt and she always wanted to help, even if it meant making some stupid decisions. She was faced with some hard choices and didn't always make the right one, but she actually had to deal with consequences which was nice to see. A lot of my favorite scenes had Amber with her best friend Devon. They were amazing together. It was easy to tell they cared about each other and would always be there. Will, the love interest, took a little time to grow on me as a love interest. I liked him as Devon's brother but he had a girlfriend and still flirted with Amber, giving her hope and playing with her feelings, though unintentionally. Another character, nicknamed Cheerleader Amber due to there being three Ambers at the school, was great as well. It was nice to see a cheerleadering non-main character who wasn't a mean girl.

Amber's family was a bit of a mess. Her father was always gone, cheating on her mother. Her sister was married to a drug dealer who involved her in his business. Her mother was almost a recluse. But that dynamic made for some amazing interactions between the characters. I especially loved Amber's relationship with her mother and watching it develop during the book.

The writing was wonderful. It flowed and made for an easy reading experience. With music being such a big part of the main character's world and with lyrics included, lyrical would be a good word. I really enjoyed the southern atmosphere to the book. I'm not from the south so I can't comment on any authenticity but I liked it. There was a lot of contrasting elements that I like as well. Amber's sister Whitney's potential versus Amber's potential, Amber's 'trailer trash' family versus Devon's rich family, Amber the good girl versus Amber the rebel.

The whole story is one I think will stick with me for a while.

*I received a copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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I was not a fan of this book. I had such high expectations, but they all fell flat. First of all, the description is nothing like the book. The main character is nothing like a good girl. In addition, the main "problem" of the book doesn't occur until about page 300. This book had such potential. There were many storylines and characters that could have been fantastic. Unfortunately, all of the character and plot development did a complete 180 at the end of the book.

I was very disappointed with this book and gave it 1.5 out of 5 stars.

*This book was sent to me for review by HarperCollins. All opinions of this book are my own.*